Big and Tall Mens Clothing Takes Advantage of Latest Fashion Trends

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Big and Tall Mens Clothing Takes Advantage of Latest Fashion Trends


Any Size Guy Can Be Stylish No Matter What Their Size

                New fashions seem to coincide with big and tall mens clothing these days. Maybe it’s because a lot of sports stars are big and tall guys who are, at the same time, sartorial followers of fashion. This may also be because the average height of the American male has gone up an inch since 1960, while his weight has gone up by 25 pounds. At any rate, most styles that you see come down the runway can be worn by big and tall guys and you will also be able to find them at big and tall mens clothing stores like, for example.


                As well, the best thing about men’s fashion trends is that they tend to stay around for a long time, so you can be sure that big and tall mens clothing styles will benefit for years to come. So the current trends we are talking about now are not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some highlights from the current season:


Garment Dyed, Deconstructed Jackets:

                These jackets serve big and tall guys well. Garment dyed means that the article of clothing is dyed after it is sewn and deconstructed means roomy and casual. So if you are a big and tall guy, these jackets will look good on you. These jackets also have a rumpled, distressed look, so if you are a casual dresser, you can look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. These jackets also cover problem areas like the waist and hips, so you can use the jackets to camouflage your flaws while you look trendy. There are some really relaxed-looking knit jackets as well, so this season you can be sure that you can wear any of the jackets coming down the runway.  


New Finishes and Styles for Jeans

                This season, jeans are coming in almost every style, fit and finish. So whatever flatters your build will be in style. There isn’t anything so new in jeans anymore since everything possible has been done with them, so go to your favorite big and tall mens clothing store, knowing that whatever you find there that also looks good on you will also be trending somewhere. This includes all colors of jeans as well. In fact, you may even find an old pair of jeans in your closet from several years ago that is popular again. 


Pale Colors

                Beiges, pastels and whites are in, which aren’t necessarily colors that big and tall guys reach for when they want to look slim, but then newly deconstructed garments make it possible. So if you see a light colored shirt that is in your size, go for it. Just because you wear big and tall mens clothing doesn’t mean that you always have to wear black or navy blue. Wear a white shirt with a dark pair of blue jeans and you will be stylish enough so that people will notice your effort and not your size.


T-shirts and Polo Shirts with Ribbing and Piping

                New dressy t-shirts and polo shirts made of synthetic fibers are sharp looking, but also a big and tall guy’s best friend. They are stylish, comfortable and they can hide the flaws of your physique like nobody’s business. This is especially true if you wear a form-shaping t-shirt underneath them. The fine details on the shirts will also detract from your size, so expect to see these newly designed shirts at big and tall men’s clothing stores everywhere.    





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