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Happy Big and Tall  Big men’s clothing

Finding the right clothes for a larger size body type can be a daunting venture. Women have more fashion options than men when it comes to finding larger sizes that actually look good, but the clothing options for big men, especially when you get past the 3XL and move into the 4 to 6X size range, tend to make the wearer feel and literally look like a circus tent. Nearly all the big and tall shirts and pants I was lucky enough to have found at my local Big and Tall have had those awful looking paisley patterns that was printed on a material that holds no shape, so when you wear it, every curve, bump and bulge is accentuated making you feel like a 3 ring circus is being held underneath. Most bigger guys are already self conscious about how they look and for awhile, it seemed that the designers of these clothes were having a little laugh at our expense. I used to travel hours before there was online shopping to find comfortable cloths that I felt comfortable being in, and once I finally found some decent big men’s clothing, the price was the next hurdle. Big Men’s clothing shops prices are and were outrageously high. A typical pair of jeans for example, lets say a 34” inch waist by a 32” inseam costs about 25 pounds, but Jeans made for the larger man (52”x 32”) is nearly 3 times the cost. The same goes for shirts, shorts, underwear, etc.

Higher priced clothing that all seemed to have the same horrendous patterns.
Fortunately for us, the looks and materials used and incorporated in todays larger men’s fashions has greatly improved and this is nowhere more evident than in the


Happy Big and Tall brand.

This one of a kind big men’s clothing store carries and ever expanding collection of fashionable big men’s clothing including jeans, bermuda’s (shorts), t-shirts, underwear, sport wear and polo’s just to name a few.


Larger big mens clothing

When you visit you will find fashionable clothes for the bigger man at very affordable prices.

Happy Big and Tall delivers worldwide and offers free exchanges or returns if you are not satisfied. Their service is exceptional and their main focus is a happy and satisfied customer.

I have received many compliments on my clothing that I have purchased from

Happy Big and Tall, as well as many questions as to where I found them.

That’s why I decided to write this blog. I know there are millions of larger men out there who feel the same way I do, and have had the same shoddy experiences I have had when it comes to purchasing decent fitting clothing for our larger frames.


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